Three Major Steps to Follow When Hosting Your Website

Hosting a website means getting a space on a server where you can store your files so as they can be accessible to your audience online. Now, the question comes along how do you host your website? In layman language, the internet is like a virtual land where you buy a plot. Your web address helps others to identify you on that virtual estate. As such, hosting is in the process of building you premises on a real estate.

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Here are the three steps of the web hosting process:

1. Registering a domain name

The first move in this process involves the registration of a domain name. A domain name is also known as a web address. It is the key to your location in the internet space. Just like how you get a title deed or a lease certificate to show that you are the owner of a given estate, the same applies to web hosting. To register a domain name, you need to purchase a hosting plan from you’re the prospective hosting company. You choose the type of domain extension you would like such as .com, .net, .org, .biz or even the new TLDs that will contain your brand names.

 Once you get a domain name, you can move to the next step. Important to note, you should ensure that registrar of your domains has an ICANN certification. Also, ensure you have signed up for a hosting account and selected a plan.

2. Hosting your site and configuring the DNS

After registering a domain name and setting up an account as well as a hosting plan, the next task is to host your web to ensure it is up and running. In this step, the host issues you with the details concerning your hosting account as well as those of your domain server location and IP. Importantly, you need to configure your DNS to enable your site to operate.

3. Uploading your website

Once you are through with hosting and domain configuration, the last step is uploading your site pages. This process involves transferring your files from your computer to the server so that they can be available online. There are a number of softwares that you can use for this task. The most familiar one is File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Other host companies offer different website file uploading software on their packages. Upon, uploading your website files, your site will be up and running.


That’s all about hosting your website. As such, a web hosting starts with purchasing and registering a domain name and ends with uploading your site to make it accessible to your online visitors.

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