Why You Need SSL Certificates for Your Website

After purchasing a domain name and hosting it, you need to ensure that the uploaded files are protected from an authorized person’s accessibility. SSL certificates are a replication of a passport or identity card that you use to protect your site’s information. SSL are initials for Secure Socket Layer. This document activates the padlock protocols that secure your web when data is being transferred from the internet server to the browser.

Essentially, SSL certificates are important for your site. Here are the four reasons why you need SSL certificates on your website:

Keeping sensitive data secure

Website accessibility involves movement transfer of data from the web server to the browser. In the transferring process, there is a possibility of unauthorized persons to access sensitive information resulting to hacking. Since, information on the web passes through a network of computers, without proper encryption, it may be accessible to an intended recipient. As such, SSL provides security for your sensitive information by providing encryptions that only the right recipient can understand.

Building visitors and customers trust

SSL certificates provide trust seals for your website. When a visitor logs on to your site, it displays information notifying them that they are operating on a secure connection. As such, they can share their information on your site without the fear of falling victims of online fraudsters. Through this aspect, you SSL help you to build trust and confidence of your site visitors and customers since they are sure that their information is protected.

An essential requirement for PCI standards compliance

If your goal is to operate online businesses, you need to provide payment methods that your clients can use to pay for goods and services. Credit cards are one way that is widely used to pay for such service on the online platforms. For your site to be accepted to operate credit card payment, you must pass the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards audits. One of these requirements is having an SSL certificate on your site.

Providing your site authentication

In addition to the above reasons, SSL certificates provide authentication for your site. This means that you are confident that your information is being sent to the right person. As such, there are no chances of an intruder from getting access to confidential information with your visitors or customers by tricking them.


In whole, SSL certificates are essential for your site. It is one way of enhancing security for your website as well as enhancing customer data protection. Also, SSL help to harness your site visitors’ trust and confidence. Hence, they are an important part of keeping your site on a top position in the search engine ranks.

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